Tuesday Night 3 x 3 Basketball at SARC……we’re baaaaaack!!

SXSW is not the only thing back in town…..it’s 3 x 3 basketball at SARC! Yipeeee! 

Long gone are the days where teams needed a couple of weeks to shake off the rust and get into playing form….this was like mid season form from the get go! Tough….scrappy….even some early dissin’ goin’ on, so ….. let’s get to it!

Up first, Fashionably Late played I Am Your Rebound in a physical battle. Fashionably got hot early going on a 9-0 run. They pulled back a little and that’s when I Am Your Rebound (last season champs) pushed the gas pedal. They hit 3 after 3 to erase the difference and take the lead. Then it became a paint battle fighting for rebounds and extra shots. Ultimately, I am Your Rebound was able to find their open men better and hit their shots when they needed to, taking the win 20-19.

WTF Are You Ewing had a tough night right out of the gate. They managed to keep it close early with Austin Powers but their shooting fell short late in the game, taking the 20-14 loss. They faced Squirly Turtles in their second game of the night and managed 12 points against the Turtles’ 20. Tough night WTF!

Squirly Turtles kept up their momentum when they face TG Ballerz in their second game, They tacked up another win, 20-11. TG Ballerz had another shot at a win, however, when they went up against Austin Powers. This was a great game with each team matching shot for shot and rebound for rebound. Austin Powers took the nail biter 20-18. Nice!

Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR had an interesting night on the hardwoods. First, they almost completely shut out Dream Team 20-3! Say what?! They came back to earth in their second game, only able to post 11 points to Fashionably Late’s 20 to take the loss.

Fashionably Late was looking to keep up their winning streak but I Am Your Rebound had other ideas. This was another great game with some impressive 3s and 2s beyond the arc! Fashionably Late had a last second shot to tie it up but it circled the drain and didn’t fall. I Am Your Rebound held on to a 20-18 nail biting win! Awesome!!

Lastly, I am Your Rebound showed their grit and more shooting abilities trying to take down Dream Team, who was still scratching their heads from their earlier loss. Different score but same result for Dream Team. They took it on the chin from I Am Your Rebound 11-20.

If Tuesday was any indication, this should be gritty season at SARC…..join us next week to see who looks to land on top!

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