Who needs a Super Bowl to Bowl a Turkey?!


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Wednesday night was playoff night at Highland Lanes for all the bowling marbles you can fit in your pocket! Check it!!

To start things off, Split Happens edged Minds in the Gutter 959 to 931. What goes up must come down as they lost in a heartbreaker by 1 pin to Snakes on a lane 951-952! Ouch!!

Snakes on a lane had a nice comeback against Turkey Baggers though taking the win 932-847! Nice win! Turkey Baggers wasn’t down for long hosting a comeback of their own against Minds in the Gutter. Final score….917-804! Awesome!

In the first semi final match up, Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter went up against Freeze Frames, who were definitely in their groove on this night. Any time a team scores quadruple numbers…..they are probably going to come out on top! And….that they did! Freeze Frames 1034…..Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter 837! Ouch!

It was a little closer at the other end of the draw where Here 4 The Beer went up against Body by Bowling. This match up started out close but didn’t stay that way! In the end, Body by Bowling took the 952-894 win.

Body by Bowling had a player with a 4 strike Hambone and then a 3 strike Turkey in the game. They also had a player above 200, so they brought the heat! Body by Bowling was up by 120 pins in the 10th frame. Freeze Frames came back and had a chance the entire 10th frame. They came close with a spare and a strike but unfortunately could not pull out the win in the end and took the loss at 933-963. What a Championship showdown!!

As always, another great season in the lanes….we can’t wait to do it all again next time!!

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