Playoff Bowling – Monday Night at Highland Lanes!!

Where can you act like a kid again….throw things and knock things down with a loud bang? Highland Lanes!!

Monday was playoff night at the lanes and it all came down to who could mow down the most pins…..or knock back the most brewskies! With all the teams looking for a place on the podium, let’s take a look at some of the early action first:

The mighty ThunderBalz took  on the hopefuls from E-Bowl-A. The tension was high tonight with so much at stake. It didn’t take ThunderBalz long to take the lead with a couple of early spares that set the tone. E-Bowl-A came back midway through with some clutch throws to keep it close though. In the end, ThunderBalz added some key strikes that put the game out of reach. They took the victory 983-881 and headed to the finals! Nice showing!

In the other side of the bracket, Gutter Train went up again Glory Bowl to see who would be going to the Big Show. This was a tight one with each team keeping pace with the other. At one point, only three pins separated these two teams looking to make the finals. Glory Bowl tried to keep up late in the game, but Gutter Train managed a couple of key strikes to take the win 978-905! Awesome showing!!

In the consolation bracket, Glory Bowl and E-Bowl-A both had something to prove and some dignity to save. Both teams poured it on and never let up with some impressive ball slinging and pin crushing. When the resin settled, E-Bowl-A edged Glory Bowl 964-937 to take 3rd place. Not to be forgotten, Glory Bowl took home the Miss Congeniality trophy!!

The Finals saw Gutter Train take on the powerful ThunderBalz for all the marbles. This one wasn’t even close……fun…..but not close! Gutter Train gutted ThunderBalz 1009-958 but there were lots of high fives, none the less. As always, Championship Night never disappoints and only gives us fuel for next season. See you then!!

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