Liquor …. Poker……Overdose……OMG!….someone call 911 !

Tuesday night at SE Metro saw flags dropping, balls flying and scores soaring! Here’s the breakout of how it went down:

TOUCHDOWN FOR WHAT vs Balling Out of Control saw 2 evenly matched teams going back and forth the entire game. Balling took a late TD to get the narrow victory at 30-22.

Los Tigres took on Snapchat Me Them TD’s with both teams taking in some early scoring. Snapchat led the entire second half and held on for the 36-20 win over the big cats.

#Pimpinjoy against Picki Minaj saw another close game throughout with lots of lead changes. Picki tried to hold off the charging #Pimpinjoys but fell 24-30 from a late TD to seal the win.

In one of the closest battles of the night, Tittsburgh Feelers (is that a legal team name?!) took on Topgolf TBD in another tough head to head with both teams taking it down to the wire. Topgolf held on to a squeaker to take the 29-28 Dub-Yah! Great game!

It looked like Whiskey Business had a hard time taking care of business against The Phallus Cowgirls, falling hard with a 12-40 loss. Ouch!….where’s the whiskey when you need it?!

Game of the night saw Texas Overdose take on AT Liquor n’ Poker in another back and forth game. Good offense and good defense on both sides of the ball kept this one close all night!

Awesome female catch for a back of the endzone touchdown before the close of the first half. Tie game at 20-20 going into the half. Right out of the gate, TX Overdose gets a pick 6 with a 2 point conversion to start the second half, that plus another TD with the conversion to keep things tight! We have a ballgame here!! Liquor posted two more TD’s of their own, but failed on the conversions. Final: 36-34, Texas Overdose with the big win…..whew! We love Flag Football!!

After the games, Craftsman hosted another great night of suds tipping, storytelling and sportsmanship…..what a great combination. Plus……we get to do it all again next week!






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