Lotta’ Skin Left On These Floors! Ouch!


Looking for some action?…..swing by Pan Am on Wednesday nights for some spikes, blocks, sets and digs! Let’s take a look at how it all shook out.

Gryffitherin  went up against FlickaDaWrist in the early game on Court 1. Gryffitherin only had 4 players in the first game but managed to keep it close before coming up a bit short. FlickaDaWrist took the first game 21-17. Gryffitherin finally got their full roster into the second game and had the slight advantage up at the net. Gryffitherin was still stoked from the first game and took the second and deciding set for the win. Great effort Gryffitherin!

In our next match up, New Kids on the Block took on Smash Squad on Court 2. Smash Squad lived up to their name and smashed the crap out of the ball whenever they had a chance! New Kids held their own as well and took the first set in a close one. In the second set, both teams knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses and played up/down to both of them! New Kids proved to be too much and took the second set going away. Awesome match!

All Sets Are Off met up with Spike-A-Logical Warfare to see who could out spike and dig the other! All Sets had their game faces on and never let up in this one! They know how to counter attack everything Spike-A-Logical threw at them and won both sets without breaking much of a sweat! Impressive!

Back on Court 2, Ballin’ Ain’t Easy played All About that Ace to see who was going to rack up the big Dub-Ya. All About that Ace lived up to their name and dropped a few serves in for point after point! Backed up by some long rallies, they held strong for the first then second game to take them both. Great showing!

Let’s keep this thing going and check out Quabe Nachos vs Dirty Diggers over on Court 1. In the first game, Dirty Diggers came out strong, taking the first game with powerful defensive moves, blocks and digs! Dirty Diggers found their footing in the second game and made a match of it. Unfortunately it was too little too late and they couldn’t hold up again the Nachos! Nice games!

In the final match up of the night, we saved the best for last! Killing It took on Spikin Aces in the most evenly matched duo of the night! Spikin Aces was on fire early and took the first set going away. Killing It was having none of it and took it to Spikin Aces in quick fashion. It all came down to the 3rd and final set! This was a close one with both teams just getting warmed up. Lots of long rallies…..killer serves…..awesome blocks…..Killing It took the third and final set! Killer!!

Craftsman was the place to be for post game happy hour. Lots of laughter, sportsmanship, camaraderie and predictions for next week. Come see what all the fuss is about! Laters!

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