It’s Monday Night………Are You Ready For Some…….Volleyball :-/ Yes!!


If you were at South Austin Rec Center on Monday and you saw balls flying…..arms flailing…..sneakers squeaking and spikers spiking……that’s what ASSC Indoor Volleyball is all about! Let’s take a closer look:

Spike-ahontas cleaned up quickly on ACN Hawks, to take both sets right out of the gate. The Hawks managed to make a game of it in the second set but Spike was too much…..too many digs for saves and blocks for points. Nice job Spike-ahontas!

Hot Sets took on Practice Safe Sets in our next match up. Both teams found their stride and took a set apiece. It came down to the third and final set to determine who would take the overall Dub-Ya. Hot Sets came out smokin’ and never looked back! Too many blocks, sets and spikes for Practice Safe Sets…..great match!

Incredibles vs. Single…Pringles: Fun game to watch! Single Pringles had both veteran and new players to kick off the new season. Incredibles worked exceptionally hard to find their flow, and where they lacked in skills, they made up in hustle in laughter. Single…Pringles took the first set in a flash but had to work for the win in the second. Another great match up!

In the final showdown of the night, Finding Score-y went up against Hunchblock of Norte Dame. Both teams working with all new players were trying to work out the kinks and learn to communicate in between balls flying everywhere! For newbies, they were throwing down some great rallies and starting to gel as a team. Hunchblock held it together and took the first set. Finding Score-y started to find their own footing in the second set backed by some steady serves and nice rallies. Hunchblock ended up taking the second set as well and bragging rights for the night’s newcomers. Welcome one…..welcome all!

After the night’s action, the party traveled over to Gordoughs for some libations and story swapping. Veterans and new players alike were throwing down challenges for next week. Let’s see how it all plays out!


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