Wednesday IVB: Spring Season Recap

With a new season of indoor volleyball upon us (starts today), let’s take a look at what went down last season.


Week One

Great first night of indoor volleyball at Pan Am!  Everyone was awesome and ready to start the season off with a bang, a block, a bump, a set, a spike…you catch the drift (I hope).  This season definitely promised to be a fun one for sure!




All the teams came out in week one flexing their muscles to give us a good idea of who will be making it to the playoffs. The match between Cool Rubbings and Los Seis Tacos was entertaining with so much talent on the court!  The taco lovers took this match in two sets:  21 to 18 and 21 to 10!  In their double header, Cool Rubbings robbed SET-sy and We Know It in two sets with a victory of 21 to 10 and 21 to 4! Cool Rubbings now sits at 1-1 in week one…not a bad place to be, guys!  The Incredibles had an incredible win against I Wanna Set You Up in a three-set match. I Wanna Set You Up is a veteran team that was expected to take this first win, but they just couldn’t get their sets right and everything else just seemed to have difficulty falling into place for them. Better luck next time!


Week Two

Week two had teams starting to pull away in the race to the playoffs, and if our predictions are correct (we’re just going to keep those to ourselves), it’s going to be a match up for sure!


Los Seis Tacos with their taco cheers put on a heck of game against All Sets Are Off with a two-set win, 21 to 16 and 21 to 17.  FlickaDaWrist had their double header this week against The Stallions and SET-sy and We Know It. If only winning was as easy as flicking one’s wrist, though, because it wasn’t enough for Flicka as they lost both matches.


Cool Rubbings showed up with their A-game, once again, in their match against The Incredibles to try to improve their record. The Incredibles played incredibly, but still couldn’t take the win. It was an incredibly close game, but Cool Rubbings ran off with the win, 21 to 18 and 21 to 16.



Week Three


The Stallions are having a hard time getting a win under their belt, and hoped that week three would be their time to shine with two games on their schedule for the night.


Unfortunately, this week would add two more notches to their losing record as The Stallions lost to I Wanna Set You Up and What’s Your Blood Type? in two long-rallied, fast-paced, intense matches. I Wanna Set You Up set themselves up for a win against The Stallions and fought hard to take the win in the third set, 21 to 12, 19 to 21, and 15 to 9.  What’s Your Blood Type took The Stallions out in two sets, 21 to 16 and 21 to 15.


Cool Rubbings and Blockmanity threw it down in a highly competitive match that went three rounds in favor of Cool Rubbings, 24-22, 18-21, and 15-11! Los Seis Tacos clinched, yet again, another victory against Incredibles with their taco chants and cha cha slides, and FlickaDaWrist managed to make some magic happen against All Sets Are Off in two sets, 21-9 and 21-11,


Week Four


Week four had a lot of friendly match ups, beginning with Los Seis Tacos and I Wanna Set You Up! Both teams are good friends and have played together for a long time. At some point though, the friendliness must be set aside and it’s time to get to business. Lo Seis Tacos took home the W in two sets, but both were close and went point for point: 21-12, 21-18!



What’s Your Blood Type? and Blockmanity: What a match! There was never more than a 2 point differential, and the lead changed multiple times until the score was tied at 16-all. There were too many blocks to keep track of, but it was a battle of the bigs in the front row! After 16-16, the score went point for point in a fast paced, high intensity set. Blockmanity finished off the set 21-19.

They carried their momentum over into the second set and went on a 6-point service run to take a 5 point lead, 8-3. Blood Type could only get 2 more points before Blockmanity went on another 5 point run. Blood Type needed a miracle…

They slowly started chipping away one point at a time to bring the score up 10-15 before Blockmanity used their time out to ice the momentum-gaining Blood Type. The TO worked in favor of Blockmanity, and they finished off the game 21-12!


Week Five

All Sets Are Off and I Wanna Set You Up had a great match to start the night off for week five.

First set was a lot of back and forth long rallies that had both teams fighting for every point. I Wanna Set You Up took the set 21-19.

The pendulum swung the other way in the second set for All Sets Are Off as they took the game 21-15.

Momentum stayed on their side as they went into the third set. It was an exciting last set with both teams playing scrappy, but All Sets Are Off was able to keep a good lead to finish out the set 15-10.

Los Seis Tacos and What’s Your Blood Type? was a super fast match that added yet another notch to the winners’ belt for Los Seis Tacos. They took out Blood Type in two sets, 21-14 and 21-13!

I don’t know if Los Seis Tacos can be touched!



Week Six



Week six was the last week of regular season volleyball before the playoffs and exhibition games in week seven. The Incredibles stole the show for the night in their game against All Sets Are Off.

As their season progressed, so too did their teamwork and volleyball skills! The Incredibles have been a fun team to watch throughout their seasons, and it’s great to see them getting some wins under their belt! In their match against All Sets Are Off, the sets were extremely close, the spikes were really hard, and the blocks were really awesome! Incredibles took home the win in the three sets, 14-21, 21-15, and 15-8!

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