What game involves a ball, 3 bases, home plate…but no gloves or bats? Kickball!



If you drove by the softball fields Thursday night at South Austin Rec Center and saw fans screaming, balls flying and runners running…..you just passed by one of the most exciting games in Austin…..kickball! Let’s see what all the fuss was about:

Wasted Potential and Kicken and Waffles played a tight game on field 1. Both teams scored a couple of runs early but went silent after that. Last inning…..someone has to break it open and Kicken was determined enough to punch out that final run for the 3-2 win. Must be the waffles :-/

On field 2, there was another nail biter coming down to the wire. Blue Balls scored first quickly followed by 2 Chix with a run of their own. Next inning saw the same thing….one team scored and the other team followed right up. Both teams took the 2 all tie into the 6th and final inning. Blue Balls had a couple of chances but couldn’t convert any additional runs. 2 Chix came to bat with 3 chances to win the game. It only took them 1! One giant kick….one giant homer…..game over! Wow…..awesome!!

In the night’s most one sided match up, The Stepdads – We Beat You, You Hate Us took on Don’t Stop Ballieving. Stepdads played like they had something to prove…..like you can score almost every time you come up to the plate! 16 players crossed the plate for the Stepdads while Don’t Stop Ballieving managed only 2. Not much hatin’ going on in this game…..just lots of runs!

In other action, Menace 2 Sobriety took it out on Pitches Be Crazy 12-2 and Friends that Fight knocked out 2 Legit to Kick 8-1 in a the night’s late games.

Doc’s on Congress was the place to be after the night’s last inning. Great food, drinks and camaraderie were all on tap while Thursday Night NFL blared in the background. Them amps were definitely blaring on this awesome autumn night in Austin…..let’s do it all again next time!



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