Trick or Treat….Smell My Feet….Give Me Something Good to Eat… a Big Red (Baller)!


(Eerie Halloween music playing) Velcome to Halloveen Night at the Pan Am Rec Center vere you’ll see lots of ghosts and goblins all running around the bases avoiding a giant red ball!

Not much candy was given out on this night but a couple of beatings were! We saw some awesome displays of kicking power from some of our own vampires celebrating the darkness of the night! Let’s see who got treated and who got tricked!

Fun Bags was all about the fun on this night rounding the bases 8 times while All About that Base must have been in their sugar crash mode come kickoff time. Although some managed to land on base, that’s about as far as it went…..home plate was as distant as in-laws around the Thanksgiving dinner table! Ouch!

In a much closer match, Pitch Don’t Kill took on Buddha Ballers in a tight one. Both teams scored early and met run for run up until the last inning. Tied at 3 apiece and the bottom of the inning, Buddha Ballers kicked a whopper that’s probably still rolling south toward San Antone! Nice win at 4-3 for the Ballers!

The Big Red Ballers got a big win over Sanders/Wingo. They dominated from start to finish averaging 2 runs an inning to Sanders/Wingo’s lone run across the plate. Big Red Ballers took it going away at 10-1. Great game!

Dr. Dragon and Kicky McKickerson played the game of the night. There were a lot of close plays, good defense and good laughs. The game was tied 2 all in the bottom of the 5th inning with both teams looking to break out the winning run. Defense prevailed for both the home and away team leaving them to the 2-2 tie when it was all over.

Even with other Halloween options, lots of kickers took their fun over to Craftsman to tip back a few and throw down the gauntlets for next week. Let’s see who can scare up the most runs next week?!




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