What’s Got 4 Bases and a Gigantic Ball? ASSC Kickball!!


Who wants to kick a giant ball around on a baseball diamond at Pan Am Rec Center on Monday nights? We do…..that’s who!

The Fun Bags played a solid defensive game and put up enough offense for a smooth 6-2 win over Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe. The Fun Bag defense put just the right players in just the right spots to keep Pitch from cracking through for any more runs. Well done!

All About that Bass put up 11 runs and it could have been more. The defending champs let Buddha Balls put up some runs, but the outcome was never in doubt. They took the L at 6-11 and couldn’t keep up their offensive attacks against a solid defensive front.

Good news…..bad news……..Sanders/Wingo played a great game for 5 innings, but unfortunately the game went 6 innings. Kicky McKickerson scored the winning run with 2 outs in the bottom half of the 6th to take the 3-2 win with the crowd going crazy! Who says there isn’t much drama on the diamond…..awesome!

Dr Dragon absolutely destroyed the Big Red Ballers. After scoring 7 in the first, the Ballers did manage to post up 4 runs to keep things interesting. Dr Dragon’s strong offense and heavy hitters, never let up, adding 10 more dizzying runs to win it going away 17-4.

Craftsman was the place to be for the after-party happy hour. Buddha Balls might have posted a loss on the diamond but definitely posted a win at the happy hour! They love to have a good time whether it’s during the game or after and continued kickin’ it with All About that Bass. Great play…great sportsmanship….great spirit. Just the way we like it at ASSC! Join us again next week and we’ll show you how it’s done!




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