Moontower Madness: Week One

Week One

It’s week one down at Moontower, and spring has sprung with a ton of new faces, lots of familiar old faces, and the same great volleyball action! Here’s a quick run down of how the week unfolded for a few of the teams who made “Game of the Night!”

Monday (3/27)

We Like To Drink vs. That’s What She Set


Their sets just would not end!  That’s What She Set got an early lead in the first set to take the win, 21-13. We Like To Drink answered back with a 21-17 win in the second set to send the teams to a third game to battle it out.  The rallies were long and intense, and the teams went point for point to tie the game up at 16-all. With the cap point at seventeen, the game could literally go either way, but this time the ball fell in favor of That’s What She Set, 17-16.


Wednesday (3/29)

The Outsiders vs Block of Seagulls

These two teams been playing together for a while now. They know each other’s teammates pretty well. Both teams always play well an give a good effort. Last night it was no different. After Block of Seagulls took the first set 15-21, The Outsiders came back to win the second set 21-16. The whole match was full of long rallies, good effort and hustle on both sides of the net. The Outsider completed the comeback by winning 15-13 on a very close one.


Thursday (3/30)

The Tip vs. Dat Ace Doh

The Tip dominated the first set against Dat Ace Doh, 21-10.


After the first set, Dat Ace Doh regrouped and got their act together to bring some competition to the sand. The second second went back and forth with both teams trading points throughout the set. The Tip had a chance to close it out 4 times after being up 20 to 18, but Dat Ace Doh kept fighting and took the set 24-22, forcing a third game!


The third set was equally intense as the set before it: more of the same long rallies and a lot of hustle! Dat Ace Doh completed the comeback to win 15-13! Great, great win!

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