Butt Kickers, Amigos, Heroes and Dream Team! ASSC Team Names Rock!

It’s that time again……Thursday night at SEMP for ASSC Soccer…..are you feelin’ it?!

Let’s get right to it and look at the rundown of games from Thursday night:

The Amigos against Butt Kickers saw The Amigos get their first win of the season! In the first half, Butt Kickers came out on top having scored a nice female goal from way out, while The Amigos only managed a male goal making the score at the half 2-1. Second half things got interesting with The Amigos tying the game up right out of the gate, 2 all. They quickly followed that up with a nice, male goal to take it to 3-2. Butt Kickers tied it back up at 3 all, then they proceeded to  run out of steam. Tired legs and winded lungs allowed them to let The Amigos go on a 3 goal scoring spree! One female and one male goal took the final to 6-3 for The Amigos! Great first win of the season!!

The Butt Kickers were not finished for the night lacing them up for Spread The Cheeky in game #2 of the night. This was a hard fought game with neither team giving in! Tough defense was an understatement with both teams only able to score a single goal. Too bad someone couldn’t take this one all the way but it was an awesome game to watch! Final score 1-1 tie!!


Happy Hour Heroes had a great game and a not so great game. In their first game, they got creamed by In the corner kickin it by a score of 2-6. Lots of offense and not much defense! They got their act together in their second game, however and took it to Pitches Be Crazy 6-1! Now that is a turnaround!

Speaking of whippin’ butt, Multiple Scorgasms had their way with Pitches Be Crazy! Pitches scored first but that was the last time they even sniffed the goal. Multiple Scorgasms scored often and easily from all areas of the field. Guys scored…..girls scored……everyone scored…..except Pitches Be Crazy! Final score…..Multiple Scorgasms 8 and Pitches Be Crazy 1. Wow!

Speaking of lopsided wins, Dream Team took it to The Amigos in the last game of the night. Dream Team’s first team scored a few then they put in the subs. They too scored at will and often. When the dust settled, it was Dream Team 9 and The Amigos 1. Another great offensive and defensive game by Dream Team!

Another night in the books and another successful night at Craftsman for happy hour after the games! Lots of bragging and brews were on hand with challenges thrown down for next week. We will be back….will you?!

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