Sunday Wiffleball: Fun was Had, Hands were Shook, Ball was Wiffled

All you need to know about Sunday night is written in the title. My work here is done!



No? Okay, okay! This past Sunday, the top four teams met up and faced off in the semi-final rounds to compete for a chance to hold on to that Austin Sports and Social Club championship banner and earn the “we da best” bragging rights!


Number one seed, Village Idiots, faced off against four seeded team, Blue Wiffles in the night’s opener. There would be no Cinderella story here for the underdogs. It was close, but no cigar; Village Idiots advanced to the final rounds with ease, defeating Blue Wiffles 5 runs to 3. Thanks for playing, Blue Wiffles! Hope to see y’all next season! Check back at for registration announcements and details!


The second game of the night had seeds two and three battling it out in a rather one-sided wiffle fight. I wouldn’t necessarily call this game a Cinderella story, either, or even an underdog victory because Saved by the Balls and We Got the D! had a tied record of 4-2 going into the semi-finals. It just happened to be that number three seed, We Got the D! (D is Short for “Dragon” You Perverts!), brought the heat and wiffled the hell out of the ball and smashed their way to an uncontested victory, 4-1. We Got the D! moved on, and Saved by the Balls moved out!


Championship Game


The championship round with We Got the D! and Village Idiots was everything you’d hope a championship game would be. It was hotly contested and went to extra innings! The teams each fought hard to a 2-2 tie at the end of the 6th inning. In the extra inning, The Village Idiots were able to get runners on base, and with a brilliant final at-bat had a walk off RBI. The Village Idiots held on to their number one spot all season and showed everybody why they’re the best! They remain number one and are looking for a challenge next season, who’s going to take it from them? Are you up for the challenge?


Aside from being able to get a team photo with the championship banner, the winners walked away with some sweet dinero in the form of gift cards, redeemable at Little Woodrow’s. All the teams met up afterwards to booze and schmooze with each other, and the Village Idiots used their winnings to buy a round of drinks for everybody, including our awesome ASSC official! What great sports and even greater socializers! Shout out to all the wiffleballers this past season for making this season a fun one! Keep an eye out for registration announcements, and in the meantime, try another spring sport to keep you in the game! See y’all soon!



(Shout out to Adam W. for the awesome title!)



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