Sunday Indoor Volleyball: Ace-kickin’ Championships!


What do you get when you put a European Wax Center, some Fantastic Sets, and a Bump Around together on a volleyball court? Ummmm…SOME AWESOME VOLLEYBALL! DUH! Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff…



Bump Around 2.0 vs. Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them

We had a forfeit in the first game of semi-finals with Hits For Brains only having two players show up. I guess the rest of their team wasn’t into winning…Oh well, easy money for European Wax Center. They moved on to the finals and had time to kill until the championship game.


The second game in the semis was played against Bump Around 2.0 and Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them. Before the games, we told the players that that we are on a strict time crunch so we needed to get the games going as fast as possible. As soon as the first whistle blew, both teams lit up the court! The first set was fast-paced and intense! Both teams spiked the ever living hell out of the ball. There were so many awesome digs and plays at the net, it was unbelievable! Bump Around was all over the court, and they threw their bodies on the floor every time to try to save a ball. They played extra scrappy! Fantastic Sets took the first set 21-11.

The second set started just as fast and intense as the first set, but Fantastic Sets came out of the game even faster and took the lead. Once again, both teams displayed incredible effort and talent, and Fantastic Sets had spectacular plays/saves by one of their setters. She would make near-impossible touches, like diving plays, to pop the ball back up for a perfect set, and a hitter was always there ready to kill it! Once again, Fantastic Sets took the win 21-13 and advanced to the finals!


Dear Bump Around 2.0, your time will come! Keep playing the way you guys play. Swing away, and keep up the positive energy! Y’all always blow my mind every Sunday! Thanks for playing!

Final Round

Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them vs. European Wax Center


Coming from an intense match, Fantastic Sets’ momentum was strong going into the first set. European Wax Center was ready for them though, and made it clear that the game would not end as quickly and easily for them. The rallies were long and there were multiple lead changes throughout the game. Both teams had amazing court awareness and could place the ball in the most strategic spots. Fantastic Sets took the first set in a close game, 21-18.


We saw a change up in the second set when European Wax Center came out of the gate and took the lead early. They had a 7-point lead at 13 to 6 before Fantastic Sets called a time out to regroup. Fantastic Sets was only able to score 7 more points in the game before they fell to the number one team, 13-21.


The third set was probably one of the most intense sets of the season. Both teams had been playing at 130% all night, were tired, but were not giving up. Fantastic Sets started the game off with exactly that: a fantastic set that ended with an untouchable spike to earn the first point. The next play ended with a solid block in the middle front made by Fantastic Sets, earning point number two, and they were off on an 4-0 run. It took European Wax Center a bit of time to pull themselves together, but they were finally able to get some points on the board and get in the game. However, they could never actually catch up to Fantastic Sets to steal the lead, and they had too many errors on their part. The number one seed fell to Fantastic Sets 10-15. Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them went home with the championship title and $50 to Gourdough’s! Congratulations to Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them! You guys always stayed positive and had amazing teamwork the entire season! European Wax Center, it’s always a pleasure watching you all play season after season!


Spring indoor volleyball starts back up March 25th! You’ve got THREE days left to register! Get on it and get out on the floor! Can’t wait to see all your smiling faces! Later days!


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