Sunday Wiffleball: Just Wiffle While You Twerk!

The last week of regular season play went down…at this point…it was a couple of weeks ago. Sorry, guys! No worries, though, because playoffs also got postponed to March 5th! Anyway, it was a super chill night at the Northwest Rec Center. There were only two games that evening with the third game being a pre-notified forfeit (thanks for the heads up, Village Idiots!) Like that Sunday night, this will be short and sweet!


Our night opened with BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 going up against Blue Wiffles in a friendly game of who can run the bases the most. The winner of the evening went to Blue Wiffles who outran BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 9 to 4. Blue Wiffles improved their record to 3-3, and BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 finished the season 2-4.


The second and final game of the night was played by A Case of the Wiffles and Saved by the Balls. A Case of the Wiffles was wanting to get a win under their belt before the end of the season, and Saved by the Balls was needing the win in order to be considered for the playoffs.

It wasn’t looking too good for A Case of the Wiffles, though. They were down 10 runs to zip in the 7th inning. Nobody can be too sure how they did it, or what wiffleball god they prayed to, but A Case of the Wiffles all of a sudden caught a case and scored a run! Then they scored another run! And another run! And another one! (I hope you all started reading that in DJ Khaled’s voice!) A Case of the Wiffles went one an 8-run run and had Saved by the Balls looking scared! Unfortunately, their runs were cut short and A Case of the Wiffles was unable to make the miraculous comeback that everybody was starting to anticipate. Saved by the Balls took home the win, 10-8, and snatched the number two spot in the rankings!


What an awesome game!


Playoffs are on Sunday, March 5th. Village Idiots will be playing Blue Wiffles, and Saved By the Balls will go up against We Got the D! (D is Short for “Dragon” You Perverts!) in the semi-finals. Stop by the rec to catch all the fun and excitement to see who moves on to the finals! After the playoffs, A Case of the Wiffles will be back to play against Balls!1Balls!1Balls!1 in an exhibition game!

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