3 on 3s Dropping lots of 3s…..and 3s…..and 3s!!

It wasn’t raining outside but it was definitely raining inside SARC on Tuesday night…….raining 3s that is!!

There was some shootin’ goin’ on fer sher and here’s how it all played out on the hardwoods:

I Can Be Your Rebound played tonight with only 2 players. Up against Red Headed Steph Child, they started off strong in a zone on defense and were able to get some stops. Then on offense, I Can Be Your Rebound started hitting some 3s to make a game of it. Red Headed Steph Child was not going down easy though, and took advantage of the extra player and dominated the boards. Even though I Can Be Your Rebound was down a player they still managed to keep it close, ending only 2 points back after the final basket……18-20! Nice game!!

Dream Team played with only 3 players all night and they certainly get an A for effort! Their first match up was against the powerful Space Jam 2 team where they went toe to toe for most of the game. Space Jam 2 had a deep bench and that proved to be the difference. Although they fought hard, Dream Team came up a little short 14-20.

Dream Team came right back to face I Can Be Your Rebound who was even more short handed than they were! They tried their best with only 2 players but never gave in to fatigue or defeatism! They gave Dream Team all they could handle and even led for the first few minutes of the game. In the end, Dream Team’s extra guy proved too much as they took care of I Can Be Your Rebound 20-12. Great show of competitiveness from both sides!!

In the night’s final game, Space Jam 2 played James Gives Me A Harden in a physical match up. Space Jam 2 took an early lead with some quick baskets. James Gives Me a Harden fought on the rebounds and was able to get some put backs to stay in the game. However Space Jam 2 came back with a vengeance and hit back to back 3s to build a lead. Space Jam’s game winning shot was a three and as it went in the basket a buzzer sounded from the other court making it a true buzzer beater! Yes….that’s why we come out to play!

As usual, Gourdough’s was the place to be after the game, especially since it felt like a nice, summer night! Lots of highlights from the night and challenges thrown down for next week. Cheers to a great night and making plans to do it all again next week!


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