3s Basketball is Back…..and Better Than Ever!!


We’re baaaaaaaaaaack!

3s Basketball at SARC on Tuesday nights is where it’s at….and so were we!

New teams…..new jersey colors…..new faces…..new year to get all excited about….let’s get to it!

Kevin Love Lockdown added some new faces to the league and matched up against James Gives Me A Harden. The lead changed constantly throughout the game. Kevin Love would get hot then James Gives would take over. It looked like Kevin Love was going to win it when they reached 19 and James Gives only had 14. But James Gives came back with some clutch threes and excellent rebounding to take over and ended up hitting a three to steal the win 20-19! What a way to start 2017!!

In other action, Dream Team took on Red Headed Steph Child for an easy 20-10 victory.

Space Jam 2 had the same luck with Kevin Love Lockdown taking the win at 20-10.

To continue with the 20-10 scoring outcome…..I Can Be Your Rebound posted the Dub-Ya over James Gives Me A Harden over on court 2.
In their second games of the night, Space Jam 2 took another victory with a 20-12 win over Red Headed Steph Child back on court 2.
In one of the closing games of the night, I Can Be Your Rebound took it to B-Team All Stars 20-3. Could be an early season conditioning issue with a few teams sucking lots of air by the end of the night!

Back over on court 1, Dream Team played B-TEAM All-stars in the last game of the night. Both teams started strong hitting shots in the paint. But Dream Team put both their girls in and it paid off by doubling their score. Fatigue started to set in and they let B-TEAM hustle them out on rebounds and some impressive drives to keep the game close. Dream team put their two girls back in and it was all over! They took advantage of their mismatches and won the game 20-15.

Great action to start the season off and Doc’s on Brodie hosted our first Happy Hour of the new season. What a great place to swap stories of the night and make some bod predictions for the upcoming season. Can’t wait to do it all again next week!



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