It’s 4s Basketball Championship Night at SARC!


The table was set …… the bracket in place …… the challenges were thrown down……. it’s 4s Basketball Championship night! With only 5 teams in the league, these teams got to know each other well throughout the season. They knew the best shooters, the best dribblers, who talked the most trash and who were the dark horse players. It was time to throw it all down for the Championship Banner. Let’s see how it all went down:

All season the Basket Hounds had trouble getting their full team to show up so their bench was non existent. They came to rely on their shooting abilities and fast breaks. Tonight was no different. To get to the Final meant they would have to get through 2 grueling games, with Cow Heads being their first opponent. Lots of energy early in this game with lots of shooting from both sides. When the dust settled, Basket Hounds took the win at 30-22.

In the game of the night, Basket Hounds  played Winning Temperament in the other semi final game. Even with tired legs, Basket Hounds came out early hitting lots of 3s and the boards inside to take a surprising lead. Winning Temperament was caught off guard and had to rely on some clutch 3s to get back into the game. They managed to tie things up and take it into overtime with the gym going crazy! The underdog taking on one of the favorites to see who was heading to the Big Show! Both teams had chances to win with girls taking the needed 2 points to win. In the end, Basket Hounds managed the last basket to take the Dub-Yah 29-27! What a game!!

Could this Cinderella team take it all after a year of struggles or were the number 1 seed Monstars going to steam roll yet another opponent? They left everything on the court that night! Monstars came out strong with a huge bench to back them up throughout the game. Basket Hounds were strong and competitive in the first half but their legs and lungs finally gave out. Monstars were champs again with the 30-15 win to claim the title. Wow….what a season and what a night!

The players took their banner and their winnings over to Gourdough’s after the game to relive the season and the night’s highlights and lowlights. What a great ending to a great season of 4s basketball! Let’s do it again next season!!


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