5s Soccer Playoffs at SZSA……What a Night!!

Wow……. what a night for 5s soccer playoffs! Every game was super close and there was even an underdog victory with lots of emotions running high the entire night!  Every player on every team went all out to see who would eventually hoist up the Championship Banner! Let’s see how it all played out!

In the night’s first semi-final matchup, Spread the Cheeky took on Goal Diggers in a close one. Not many scores in the defensive match up with Goal Diggers edging out Cheeky 9-6 when it was all over.

In the other semi-final game, Drunk Dribblers played Flooligans in a close one. Both teams played this one tight and kept it close throughout the game. Drunk Dribblers pulled away with a couple of nifty goals taking the win at 18-13 and earning their trip to the Finals!

In the Championship game, Drunk Dribblers went up against Goal Diggers. Drunk Dribblers had just finished playing a game against the number 2 seeded team and had to fight for every goal to come out on top as the underdogs going in. Game started off with Goal Diggers scoring just about nothing but female goals for their first 3 goals while Drunk Dribblers could only muster up a few male goals.  They did a really good job hanging on while keeping the score tied at 4 all before Goal Diggers finally pulled away for good. Score at the end of the first half was 8-4. Second half Goal Diggers managed to hold the lead but only barely with Drunk Dribblers finally making a female goal or two and scoring more points than Goal Diggers. In the end, Goal Diggers focused on defense with the stand out star being their keeper, who actually jammed a finger in their first game. He was all over the place making incredible saves all game and took the team to victory at 11-9! What a showing!

As always, Spread the Cheeky was in rare form at the post game happy hour at Moontower. Goal Diggers made the most of the night swapping highlights with this season’s competitors and throwing down the gauntlet for next season. Let’s agree to do it all again!



Drunk Dribblers (Purple) (A) 9 AT Goal Diggers (Sport Grey) (H) 11

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