Give-N-Go….In-N-Out….Coast-To-Coast….Too Many Hyphens!

Looking for some stellar 3s basketball action on Thursday nights? Head on over to SARC and check it out!

First up, The real Ultimate Warriors vs CP3 and O. Good close game between these two teams as they went point for point, rebound for rebound. Tough game to play but easy to cheer for! Both teams played social ball throughout the whole game but there had to be a winner and a “non-winner.” When the final whistle blew, CP3 and O sank 20 points and The real Ultimate Warriors 18. Great game!!

FSU had an up and down kind of night. They were flying high with some timely baskets in their first game, taking the 20-14 win over FMSP. They had their hands full in their second game in a closely fought battle with Super Sloths. FSU came out tough in the beginning but couldn’t hold on in the end. Final score, Super Sloths 20 and FSU 16. Oops!

Shots! Shots! Shots! had a similar night with 2 tough games that could have gone either way. They first faced off against the always tough Super Sloths. They took the early lead and it looked like another win for Super Sloths. Shots! Shots! Shots! came roaring back with some nifty defense and their shots began to fall. In the end, Shots! Shots! Shots! 20-16! Speaking of close games, Shots! Shots! Shots! went up against another powerhouse in FMSP. Shot for shot, they went back and forth. FMSP led late and barely held on for a 20-17 win! Nice!!

Poodles played hard, ran hard and sweated hard to eek out a win and barely miss out on another. CP3 and O had some nifty screens and some nice female shots to get on the board quickly. They took the win, 20-14. Poodles came back with a nice 20-16 win over Haters gonna hate to even things out for the night.

The real Ultimate Warriors (LIGHT PINK) (A) 13 AT Haters gonna hate (ROYAL BLUE) (H) 20
The real Ultimate Warriors (LIGHT PINK) (A) 18 AT CP3 and O (MAROON) (H) 20

The real Ultimate Warriors also had frustrating night….unable to notch a Dub-yah for the night.  Against Haters gonna hate, they couldn’t seem to get much going and left a few baskets out on the court. In the end, they went down 13-20. They did seem to catch a second wind and gave CP3 and O all they could handle. CP3 and O had to make a last second desperation shot, that found the bottom of the net, to steal the win. Final tally, 20-18 in favor of CP3 and O.

What a great night for basketball and for socializing, since there was a huge crowd headed over to Toss Pizzeria to keep the party going. With ASSC basketball and kickball teams both showing up, we definitely represented. Another awesome night in the books and we can’t wait to do it all again next week.



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