What Happens at SARC on Tuesday Nights? Lots of Slashin’, Crashin’, Blockin’ and Postin’!

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Looking for something to do on Tuesday nights that doesn’t cost any coin? Jump on over to SARC and check out some amazing 3 x 3 basketball with all the thrills and spills of the big leagues. Here’s how it all played out last week:

Offensive Fowl had a crazy night on the hardwoods where they barely got on the board in their first game then had a nice comeback effort in their second. In their first game, they barely got on the board at all only scoring 6 points to Darkness’ 20. Didn’t someone let them know happy hour was AFTER the games?! In their second game, however they fought like their lives depended on it matched I Get Buckets shot for shot the entire game. Both teams had chances to make the winning shot as time was running out. Buckets were hard to find for both teams as the last seconds ticked off. Final score ended in a 16-16 tie! A tie….after all that…..can you believe it?!

In the next match ups, Half Court Hero had one of those “bad news….bad news” kind of nights. Even though it was a close game with some spectacular 3’s from both sides, I Get Buckets made a couple of key shots late to take the 20-17 win. Half Court Hero went up against the always strong Darkness and gave another valiant effort but fell a bit short. In the end, it was Darkness taking the Dub-yah 20-14. Ouch!
Super Sloths turned up the heat in their first game then seemed to get burned themselves in their second game. They made quick work of WTF Are You Ewing by only allowing 8 points to their own 20 in a pretty lopsided victory. This game was so short, no one even seemed to break a sweat! But, just when Super Sloths thought they would make easy work against their next opponent, they got their own socks knocked off! Looking for a Rebound turned the tables and put the Sloths away in quick fashion. Wow!!

Speaking of an up and down kind of night, Cash Me Outside took an 11-20 beating from Looking for a Rebound in their first game then got it together against WTF Are You Ewing in their next one. In another close game, WTF Are You Ewing was on fire tonight hitting 1’s, 2’s and 3’s from all over. Cash Me Outside had some work to do to pull close late in the game and then hit some timely 3’s of their own to take an exciting 20-16 win! Great game!

As with every Tuesday night, players headed to Toss Pizzeria to swap stories and size up their opponents off the courts. NBA finals on the big screen seemed a fitting way to end another night of awesome ASSC Basketball!


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