Rainy Playoffs Means Messi Champs!

Alright! Alright! Alright! Thursday playoffs were nothing short of wet and wild! The night started off with a good little downpour that came out of nowhere shortly before kickoff that had everyone running for the trees and others for their cars! Thankfully, the rain passed almost as quickly as it came, and although the fields were wet and slick, all of the games went super smooth!



Championship Game

Little Giants vs Let’s Get Messi


The championship game came down to experience. With wet field conditions making it hard to control the ball and get any type of a good pass or cross off, Lets Get Messi, being the older more experienced team, had fewer problems with the wet field conditions. The veteran team showed off their experience right from the start by scoring the only goal during the first 5 minutes in the first half! Little Giants never gave up and fought hard throughout the entire first half, but were unable to score, sending most of their shots wide. Score at half was 1-0 in favor of Let’s Get Messi.


In the second half, Little Giants were able to keep the ball on their attacking half most of the time and were able to make more shots on goal, but Let’s Get Messi was quick to take up a defensive edge for the second half and focused on playing tight D on Little Giants’ females to prevent any 2-point goals. Little Giants played right into Let’s Get Messi’s hands, having tons of male goal chances but not taking any looks for the two points a female goal would give them. Let’s Get Messi managed to score one more goal with about five minutes left in the second half, and shut out the Little Giants.


Let’s Get Messi  became the new champions with a final score of 2-0!


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