SARC BBall on Tuesday Nights….New Faces Looking for a Winning Season!

Who are these new faces….could they be our next Champions holding up the coveted banner at the end of the season…..are they just another wannabe team soon discarded by the wayside….? Well……let’s take a look at how they all did to get this new season started!

Super Sloths played Cash Me Outside in an exciting game. Cash Me Outside took an early lead with 2 3’s and a jumper right off the bat. Super Sloths came back with their own set of 3’s and some drives to the basket. Cash Me Outside was working the post and pulling off some easy lay ups, but Super Sloths got hot behind the arc and were able to take the win, 20-13. Nice start!

In the next game, Half Court Hero played Offensive Fowl in a tight one. Both teams are new to the league and they brought some talent. It was point for point the whole game, but Half Court Hero pulled out the win with their girls being the secret weapon, 20-18! Great game!

And in other action, last season’s champs, Looking for a Rebound picked up right where they left off! They steam rolled WTF Are You Ewing 20-10! Ouch!! They turned right around and did the same thing against Darkness! They teased them for awhile before the hammer came down and they hit some awesome 3’s. Final score, 20-14 in favor of the Champs!

Darkness took out their frustration on their next opponent taking a nice win against I Get Buckets, 20-16. Nice comeback!!
Wish the same could be said for I Get Buckets who seemed to struggle finding their rhythm going up against the veteran team of WTF Are You Ewing. I Get Buckets could only manage 9 points against 20 for WTF!! Double ouch!!

Cash Me Outside was looking for a Dub-Yah in their second game of the night but were still looking after playing Offensive Fowl. 20-14 in favor of the birds with Cash Me Outside looking for the exit and the free beer!

Finally Super Sloths was looking to go 2-0 for the evening and they found another Dub-yah in their game against Half Court Hero. This was a closely fought game with lots of steals and physical play down under. When the smoke cleared, Super Sloths eked out a close one 20-18 to wrap things up. Nice one!!

After the games, everyone headed to Toss Pizzeria for some hot food and cold brews. New teams were introduced and some old rivalries were sparked up again. This should be another exciting season at SARC…..let’s do it all again next week!!

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