There’s No Crying in Basketball!

Where do you spend your Thursday nights? We chill with a little B-Ball at Pan Am for some excitement on the hardwoods! Here’s how it all went down this week:

Let’s get right to the game of the night between LeBrontourage and Blue Team. This game had all the excitement you could fit into a 25 minute game! Full of action packed defense and great offense. This game literally went down to the wire.  LeBrontourage literally had the game won by 3 points with only 3 seconds left when a chick took the game tying 3 point shot. Her release arcs majestically toward the basket…….you could hear a pin drop in the entire gym…….it looks good all the way……circles the rim but falls out on the wrong side of the iron……NO SCORE! Game over with team LeBrontourage going crazy and the Blue Team doing their best mannequin challenge poses. But wait…….the officials are huddled up discussing a possible shooting foul behind the arc. As they come out of their huddle……”Shooter was fouled…..3 shots from the line” Unbelievable!!! Can you say pressure!! She needs to make all 3 to walk away with a tie game. 1st one in…nothing but net. 2nd shot bounces off the backboard then drops through the net. 3rd shot……..sinker! GAME OVER….17-17 tie!! Wow….what a game!!

Blue Team was a little wiped out after all that excitement in game one and fought hard against Fk Your Coach. They were able to keep it close early on but fatigue set in and Fk Your Coach pulled away with an 18-10 victory.

Turns out Fk Your Coach was just getting warmed up and took it out on Technically Fouled Out in their second game of the night. This was another nail biter with it coming down to the last possession. Game tied when Fk Your Coach had a timely strip of the ball and sank the game winner for a 20-19 win. Nice game!!

Technically Fouled Out looked a little sluggish in their next game with Squirly Turtles giving them all they could handle. The Turtles took the early lead and never looked back with a 20-12 win. In their second game, however, they had their hands full with Kobe Wan Kenobi. Both teams showed great defense and some timely shooting with another close one going down to the wire. With less than a minute left, Kobe Wan Kenobi sank an unbelievable shot to edge out the Turtles 16-15. Great game!

After the games wrapped up, the teams took the excitement and camaraderie over to Craftsman to keep it all going. Great night of basketball with lots of close games and improving talent week to week. Let’s do it all again next week to see how we can top another great night of basketball!!


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