Bowlers: Call Us Butter Cause We On A Roll!

Who says bowling is boring……..Wednesday nights at Highland Lanes are always hopping where the drinks flow, big heavy balls fly down the lane and you get to wear those funny shoes. How fun is that?!!

It was certainly a night of Doubles, Turkeys, Hambones and Brats! Pins were flying everywhere with lots of laughter, merriment and sportsmanship. Most games were won decidedly with teams starting to gel and put some serious scoring together. Here’s how it all played out:

Turkey Baggers and Here 4 Beer had a very close match up. In the 9th frame Turkey Baggers were up by 5 pins only with a few strikes that needed to be tallied. Then in the 10th frame, Here for Beer took the lead after a Turkey in the 8-10th frames to take the win. The whole match was back and forth by less than 40 pins every frame! Here 4 The Beer ended up taking the match 932 to 881. Great game!

Minds in the Gutter started out strong but started to fade late. Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter found their groove and began to pick up some key spares and take it to victory 915-852.

In their first game of the night, Snakes on a Lane must have seen an actual snake in their lane and fell hard to Turkey Baggers 805-974. Ouch!

In another lopsided game, Freeze Frames could never seem to pick up the pins when they needed them most. Split Happens led from the start and never looked back, taking the Dub-Yah 948-770.

In the closest game of the night, Body by Bowling took on Here 4 The Beer. Here 4 Beer had 2 players with multiple Turkeys, 1 person had 5 strikes in a row (that’s a Brat!) and another had 4 strikes…..what?!!!  They came out on the winning end 1003 to 954. Awesome display of bowling-ness!

Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter tried to take their winning momentum into their next game with Split Happens. This was a tight game from the beginning with each team matching pin for pin for awhile. In the end, Split happens picked up some needed strikes to take the win 969 to 905.

Minds in the Gutter took an early lead, had some miscues in the middle frames but ended strong taking out Freeze Frames 856 to 783.

In the night’s final match up, Body by Bowling took on Snakes on a Lane. This was a close game throughout until Body by Bowling had a player with 4 strikes in a row……that’s a Hambone folks! They took the easy win at 1004 to 909. Wow…..impressive!

As always, it was a great night of fun, laughter, sportsmanship and camaraderie. Teams are improving so don’t miss next week’s outing for some real showmanship on the lanes!

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