Sunday Indoor Volleyball: So Intense, You Might Forget to Breathe!

While all of Austin (and the rest of the country) may be sitting at home watching football on Sunday evenings, there are a few dedicated volleyball players at Austin Sports and Social Club who show up to the Austin Rec Center every Sunday to socialize with their fellow players and to enjoy a good game of volleyball! It’s week four for this winter season, and just like the weather, we are heating up!

The majority of the games last night were on the super social side with only two sets per match. The first games of the night were played by European Wax Center against Setsual Healing on court one, and Kiss My Ace versus Hits For Brains on court two. European Wax Center and Setsual Healing had a good exchange of rallies, but EWC’s spikes were too hot to handle, and Setsual Healing looked like they were in a funk. European Wax Center took the match in 2 sets. Easy Peasy. Kiss My Ace and Hits for Brains was another quick match, with Kiss My Ace easily taking home the W in 2 as well. There were two more games to follow, but the game on court one stole the show. Bump Around 2.0 faced off against Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them, both are veteran teams and from the very beginning–we’re talking warm ups–these two teams looked like professionals! This was one of those games where you found yourself holding your breath because it was just so fast-paced and intense! In the first set, the rallies were long, the spikes were hard, and the digs were unbelievable! Bump Around 2.0 took the lead early, but it wasn’t without a challenge, and Fantastic Sets were right on their tail! The set came down to the final two points with Fantastic Sets having the opportunity to tie the game, but Bump Around wasn’t bumpin’ around and sealed their win 21-19. After a quick water break, the teams were back at it and Fantastic Sets played with a vengeance. It seemed as if maybe Bump Around 2.0 lost all of their steam in the first set because Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them absolutely dominated the second set. Just like their team name, they literally had some fantastic sets and spiked them all in strategic spots on the court! FSWST took the second set 21-12. Round three…Fight! Fantastic Sets carried their momentum into the third set, and Bump Around caught their second wind. Once again, we saw a repeat of the first set: Bump Around taking the lead early, lots of hustle, lots of energy, and long rallies. With the game tied up, this was Fantastic Sets’ chance to take the lead, and take it they did! Bump Around was stuck at 10 points, and Fantastic Sets ran away with the game and took home a hard-earned victory 15-10! Both teams were amazing, they played awesome, stayed positive, and showed great sportsmanship! They both showed that it’s possible to play hard and still keep it friendly!

After all the excitement of the night, the momentum continued on over at Gourdough’s on South Lamar. With $2 Budlight on special, along with the Players’ appreciation cards, you can eat, drink, and be merry for a great deal! It’s a great way to wind down your Sunday night with your team!

With the sun finally starting to show its face again, that can only mean one thing: Sand Volleyball is right around the corner! There’s only 4 days left to register for our North, South, and Central locations, so hurry up and get your team together! League play starts February 6! See y’all in the sand!

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