SEMP: Can We Just Play Already?

Week Three

Once again, we find ourselves going through this flag football season at a glacial pace due to multiple rainouts. We finally got to see some action out on the fields for week three, so here’s how it went down…



Drinkin Fortes v. Blood, Sweat and Beers


This was a really exciting game that boiled down to the last seconds! Both teams went point for point the entire night and was tied at 28-28.


Blood, Sweat and Beers managed to get one more touchdown in with only seconds left before the end of the final half. Blood, Sweat and Beers won 34-28!


What House? v. Awesome Balls:

This was another great game with both teams having an answer for each other after each touchdown. The game was evenly-matched, so there was a ton of running up and down the field. The touchdowns were really exciting with a few bobbles that would have everybody holding their breath until the catch was completed and the touchdowns were good! Super friendly game, players were great to talk to both on and off the field. Awesome Balls took the win, 56-46!


Ball So Hard University v. Super Down, Super Excited:

What an intense game! Ball So Hard held the lead in the first half 24-20, but Super Down, Super Excited came back in the second to steal the lead with a 4-point differential. Ball So Hard had an amazing Sports Center Top 10 catch in the end zone with maybe 4 seconds to go–like, diving and rolling on the floor, everybody is holding their breath, and the guy is laying on the floor and sticks his arm in the air to show he had a solid catch! It. Was. Awesome! Ball So Hard went from being down by 4 to up by 2 with that play.


They solidified their win by scoring the extra two points, making it 40-36!




Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah won both of their games tonight in blowout fashion, defeating Tittsburgh Feelers 48 to 12, and Scoregasms 42 to 30.


512 Underdogs had their first wins this season in their double header against XBioTouchdown and Go With the FLO, so they made sure to win with a bang! Both of their games had to be called on the mercy rule, 52-20 and 42-0!


512 Underdogs were trying to get that point differential for playoff eligibility. Their opponents had a fun time though, so it was all good. Plus, 512 Underdogs are always super cool and just come out there to have a good time!

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