SEMP Flag Football: Double Headers to Make Your Head Spin

Week Two

Guys! Week two FINALLY happened! After what felt like centuries of rain outs, the sun graced us and dried up the fields, allowing us to resume our season! We had a TON of double headers all over the place to make up for the lack of football that we all missed oh so badly!


Field One

Been Runnin’ was king and queen of the field on Monday. They won both of their games against Your Mom’s Favorite Team and Savages. Both games started off exactly the same: both opponents were able to put up 14 points at the half, but Been Runnin squeaked out two extra points to put them in the lead 16 to 14. In the second half of games one and two, Your Mom’s Favorite Team could only get 8 more points on the board, and Savages scored another 17, but Been Runnin’ out hustled them all in the final minutes and scored 25 and 28 more points, respectively to end the games 41-22 and 44-31! Way to go Been Runnin’!


Awesome Balls and Super Down, Super Excited finished off the night on field one, but Awesome Balls had a hard time finishing off their TDs to score any extra points. Super Down, Super Excited was able to keep a 2 point lead at the end of the first half, leading 16 to 14, and started to pull further away in the second half to end in a 10-point differential win, 38 to 28.


Field Two

Field two didn’t get to see much action on Monday as the night started and ended with a forfeit for the no-show Show Us Your TDs. Easy money wins for What House and Ball So Hard University. Game number two had What House and Ball So Hard University facing off in a pretty exciting game. The first half looked like it would end in a 14-14 tie, but Ball So Hard University was able to score a TD and went for two extra points to take the lead 22-14. The momentum continued for Ball So Hard University in the second half, they scored 20 more points to take home their first win of the season, 42 to 20. They’re now going into week three undefeated and looking for a challenge!


Field Four

Blood, Sweat and Beers had their double header on the back field. Their first opponent was Super Down, Super Excited, and they immediately stole the lead and ran with it for the whole game. Blood, Sweat and Beers took an L in their first game, 26-40.


The winds changed direction (metaphorically, obviously) for Blood, Sweat and Beers in their second game as they went up against European Soccer. Both teams were able to score on their first possessions, so it seemed like it would be a close game…until Blood, Sweat and Beers kept scoring in the first half, and European Soccer kept throwing interceptions. European Soccer was rocked in the first half 12 to 30. The bleeding sort of stopped for European Soccer in the second half, they managed to keep the ball out of their opponent’s hands, but was unable to put anymore points on the board for them. Blood, Sweat and Beers added just a bit more insult to injury and scored one more touchdown and two extra points to end the game 38 to 12. Yikes!


European Soccer didn’t have much time to lick their wounds, Drinkin’ Fortes was ready to get a piece of the action in the last game of the evening. Poor European Soccer, they didn’t stand a chance. Drinkin’ Fortes ran all over them, 26 to zip in the first half, and just when it looked like European Soccer was going to get shut out, one girl on the team had some NAS in her system and hauled ass all the way down to the end zone for a touchdown with under two minutes left in the game! The crowd (both teams) went wild, cheered her on, and said she won a puppy! Drinkin’ Fortes took home the win, though, 40-6. Don’t let the blow out scare you off, though. European Soccer was a great sport and had a great time playing both of their games. It’s not always about winning. Keeping it social, meeting new people, hanging out with friends, and just playing the game is what it’s really all about!  Congrats on your new puppy, Speedy McGee!



More double headers for our footballers on Tuesday night out at South East Metro Park makes for a long night of football and a lot of exhausted people, both players and officials.



Field One

This is going to seem like deja vu, but #PimpinJoy was king and queen of the field on Tuesday night. I honestly just can’t think of anything better to say, so I’m going with it. Anyway, #PimpinJoy squashed their first opponent, Scoregasms, 42 to 14, easily. Dak to the Future put up a fight with only six players when they went up against #PimpinJoy in game two. It really could have been another blowout in favor of #PimpinJoy, but they kept it super social and were great sports (and probably exhausted from their first game), and won the game 28 to 15.


Dak to the Future also had a double header out on field one and (spoiler alert) just barely squeezed out a win against Go with the FLO. Both teams managed to put up 14 points in the first half, and then scored another 7 points each in their first possessions in the second half. The final score boiled down to one extra point with Dak to the Future completing their play, and Go with the FLO unable to finish what they started. Dak to the Future finished their night, 28 to 27.

Field Two

Newcomers, XBiotouchdown, are still in a bit of learning curve but was able to hold their own against team Go with the FLO in their first game of the night on field two. Neither team had the prettiest game, but Go with the FLO managed to outscore XBiotouchdown 20 to 6 for the win.


Now That’s What I Call High Quality H2O faced off against Scoregasms in their first of two games of the night. It was a close game the entire time, with High Quality H2O leading the way in the first half 20-12. The second half of the game was off to a slow start with Scoregasms unable to complete their first possession and High Quality H20 throwing some poor quality passes. It didn’t take long for High Quality to get their act together, though, as they were able to score 6 points in their next possession to spread their lead further, 26-12. Time was not on Scoregasms side; they were able to score one TD with 2 extra points, but it wasn’t enough to surpass Now That’s What I Call High Quality H2O. High Quality H20 takes the win, 26-20.


In their second game of the night, Now That’s What I Call High Quality H2O went up against veteran team Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah? in an intense and exciting game that went down to the final whistle! Both teams were neck in neck at the beginning of the first half, tied at 6 all. Cash Me Offside scored another touchdown in their last possession, and High Quality H2O tried to respond but instead threw an interception to give Cash Me Offside the lead at the end of the half, 18-12.

At the start of the second half, Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah scored another TD on their first drive and made the 2 extra points to try pull further away from High Quality H2O. Determined not to let their opponent get out of reach, Now That’s What I Call High Quality H2O answered with a touchdown of their own and attempted to go for 3 extra points but was unsuccessful. Cash Me Offside took control of the rest of the game and only allowed one more touchdown from High Quality H2O before they ran down the clock and squeezed in one more touchdown to end the game 38-24!


Field Four

It was a short night over on field four with only two games. Whiskey Business and Tittsburgh Feelers opened up the evening in a one-sided match in favor of the boozy team. Tittsburgh Feelers were shut out in the first half, 30 to 0, but they didn’t let the score bring down their spirits! In the second half, Tittsburgh Feelers finally managed to score on two drives to give them a whopping 12 points, but unfortunately for them, Whiskey Business’s long drives turned into big plays that added another 14 points to their 30. Whiskey Business had huge plays all night against the Tittsburgh Feelers, and outscored them 44 to 12.


Coming off of a big win, Whiskey Business went into their double header against the 512 Underdogs feeling like they couldn’t be touched. Those Underdogs quickly showed Whiskey Business that they were nothing to be messed with! Both teams went point for point in the first half to go into half time, 14-14. The second half of the game went down to the wire after Whiskey Business scored 7 points in their first possession, and 512 Underdogs put up another 6 to bring the score to 20-21 in favor of Whiskey Business with only seconds to go. Whiskey Business had final possession of the ball; 512 Underdogs needed a turnover if they wanted a chance at winning. With one second left, Whiskey Business found their way to the end zone and scored one more touchdown to seal the deal on their victory. Whiskey Business took home their second win of the evening, 27-20!


Crazy For Craftsman!

Happy Hour after the games are at Craftsman on Mondays and Tuesdays. Craftsman has their own specialty drinks and happy hour prices, but we have an even happier deal for Austin Sports and Social players: $2 Dollar Bud Lights all night (until they run out)! Come out after the games with your fellow team mates and other ASSC players and get your drink and tacos on!



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