Sunday Flag Football: Takin’ It to the Springs! Barton Springs, That Is…

Flag football season is here and week one was underway this past Sunday at Barton Springs! Sixteen teams have signed up, so there’s tons of fun and games to be had in the next six weeks!  Alright, so here’s how this is going to go: I’ll give you a rundown of the scores followed by the game or games of the night. If you want your team to be featured, you either have had to play an amazing game filled with awesome sportsmanship, close games, crazy to near impossible plays, or you just have to be the most social team out there having a blast! Either way, you will have plenty of chances to have your team’s picture featured!


Week One

The season openers were Hey…That’s Not My Flag versus Fast Flags over on field one, and Cash Us Offside-How Bout Dah against Get Lit or Die Tryin’ on field two. First of all, awesome names, guys (ladies too)! Alright, so field two ended up being a double forfeit due to not enough players at game time–remember, there must be at least three females on the field at all times. Back on field one Hey…That’s Not My Flag handed Fast Flags an old fashioned spanking, outscoring their opponent 43 to 26.

The second games of the evening had Jacker T. Ma facing off against Make TDMP Great Again on field one, and Lean Dak against Off To Monkeys on Field two. Make TDMP Great Again also delivered a swift beating to Jacker T. Ma, taking the game 49 to 24. Lean Dak and Off To Monkeys played an extremely competitive game and were neck and neck the entire game, but Off To Monkeys was able to squeeze out a win just before the final whistle, 21-20! Close game, guys!


At 7:45, Make Flag Football Great Again sent SCLSU Mud Dogs home with their first loss of the season, 27-18. Wilfork on the First Date played Multiple Scoregasms in the game of the night! In the first half, Multiple Scoregasms had two turnovers and one interception and was unable to score. Meanwhile, Wilfork on the First Date scored on every drive but could never finish…or, could never get the extra point. In the second half, things picked up for Multiple Scoregasms who were able to force a turn over and scored on all 3 of their drives. Wilfork on the First Date scored twice and finally got one extra point on their last TD giving them a 7 point lead. Multiple Scoregasms almost had enough time to finish one last drive to tie the game up making it to the 5 yard line, but unfortunately ran out of time. The game ended with Wilfork on the First Date winning 25 to 18!


The last games of the night had Squad playing against the B Teamers on field one. Due to some technical difficulties (the lights shut off early and couldn’t be turned back on), the game is currently incomplete and pending a final score. What I can tell you is that there was 9:54 left in the second half with the score at 14-15 in favor of B Teamers, who also had possession of the ball on the 30-yard line on their 2nd down. Only time will tell if these two teams will be able to meet again to finish what has been left off.

Last but not least, Le’Veon my Wayward Son played Zeke and Geeks in our social game of the night! This game was a bit of a blowout, but this is less about the score and more about teams taking direction from our officials, being great sports, and keeping it social. Le’Veon my Wayward Son jumped out and took the lead early in the game. We’re talking about a 30-point lead, here. They weren’t being aggressive, but just happened to make great long plays that led to quick scores. In the second half, Le’Veon pulled back a bit, recognizing that the game would be a blowout and not much fun if the other team can’t compete, so instead of catching interceptions, they batted down the ball giving Zeke and Geeks the possession which allowed them to score on that drive. Le’Veon did this multiple times the rest of the game, thus being able to have a decent game on their hands, but both teams were able to have fun and stopped caring much about the score. In the end, Le’Veon my Wayward Son still walked away victorious, winning 47 to 13 against Zeke and Geeks. Thanks for being great sports and keeping it social!


After all the games, the teams headed over to Gourdough’s for some more socializing and boozing. There was quite a lot of chatter and anticipation for what’s to come! We’ve got more football next week! See y’all on the fields!

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