Wanna See a Pig(skin) Fly? Come on out to Barton Springs on Sunday Nights!





There is nothing like an evening at Barton Springs in Austin, especially when you see people running around wearing flag belts and other flag belt wearing players chasing them around….yipppeee! Let’s see how those flag chasers did on the gridiron:

Flags and Furious took on Josh Gordon School of Criminal Justice to get things going on the gridiron. Josh Gordon School had no answers for Flags and Furious scoring machine! They also had no defense allowing 30 points without being able to post up any points to take the loss 0-30. Ouch!

The UT Orange team Alright, Alright, Alright went up against Taste the Rainbow over on field 2. Both teams scored early to keep things close and Alright threw out some great defensive plays to hold the Rainbows to only one TD. Final score……Alright, Alright, Alright 21…..Taste the Rainbow 7.

Le’Veon on a Prayer had some divine intervention show up on offense. They were relentless in their game against Learned Hands who fought hard for 2 TDs but no extra point conversions. When the final whistle blew, Le’Veon on a Prayer took the Dub-Ya by 35-12. Nice game!

Alright, Alright, Alright wasn’t done for the night with another matchup against Team Sportsball. They kept up their momentum from the earlier game and tacked up 32 points while holding Team Sportsball to 6. Matthew McConaughey would be so proud!

In our next battle, Raisin the Roof went up against Off to Monkeys in a close one! Both sides had hard fought scores while digging in on defense to keep it close. Raisin the Roof managed a late score to come out on top 24-19. Great game!

Speaking of close games, Lettuce Win and Team Sportsball took this one to the limit! Back and forth scoring early in the first half then an offensive dry spell for each team. Team Sportsball couldn’t keep Lettuce Win out of the end zone for a final TD and the win at 22-18. Awesomeness!!

In the last game of the night, Nacho Problem had mucho problemas between the goal posts tonight. Although it was a low scoring game, Job Squad broke the goal line twice to take the victory at 13-0. This game might have had low scoring but it was through the roof with good sportsmanship and support on both sides of the ball. Great showing tonight!!

On the field play is only half the fun with ASSC! Happy Hour at Doc’s after the games was poppin’ as always. Lots of highlights discussed……brewskies consumed…..challenges made and new friends made! The best part…..we get to do it all over again next week!

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