‘We “Wiff” You a Merry Christmas…..’

It’s Thursday night and time’s running out…..Doc’s is closing and the weather is turning colder…..what are we to do? Let’s cheer on our Wiffleballers as they bear down for the last few games of the season!

Solid night overall! There were a ton of off-the-wall catches on defense, some great base running for some sneaky runs and a whole lot of booze and celebrations on the sidelines. We even had a team dressed up in Christmas costumes and Santa brought them a critical win for their spirit!

Village Idiots had the double header, but struggled a bit late in a close one. In their 1st game, they went back and forth in a high scoring game with Making Wiffle Great Again. The lead constantly changing, but one big 5 run inning made the difference for Village Idiots. Wiffle had a chance in the last inning with runners on 1st and 2nd, down 2, but the pitcher made a reaction one hand slap to a line drive right at him- resulting in an surprisingly easy pop-up final out. Yikes…that was close!

“Watch me wiff…now watch me nay nay” came locked and loaded with the league’s best pitching to take on Village Idiots in the 2nd game. There were a lot of pitchers’ strikeouts (just great pitching) and some incredible defensive and base running plays. In their last chance at bat, Watch Me Wiff scored 2 runs in the top of the final inning to take the lead and held Village Idiots to only 1 run for the whole game. The team loved the solo HR from Village Idiots and every player came came off the bench for the home plate celebration and the 2-1 victory! Yesssss!

The final game was Wiffle While You Work taking on Wiff This in their seasonal costumes. Over the season, both teams learned the power of base running resulting in lots of extra runs scoring from second base. Wiff This made the most of it outlasting Wiffle While You Work 5-2.

As always, everyone headed over to Doc’s on 38th for more fun and merriment. Lots of cold brewskies to tip back and reminisce about games past and our love for Doc’s. We will miss you!

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