Are we having fun yet?! Yes….again and again!!


Wednesday nights at SZSA is time to get your soccer on! Here’s how it all went down:

Great final night of the regular season with every game really fun to watch and super social by the players. Just in the Nick of Time went up against the Targaryens in an exiting opener of the night. Both teams polishing up their games in preparation for next week’s playoffs but Nick of Time held the advantage for most of the game. They held on for the 21-16 win to make a statement that they are here to win it all!

Drunk Dribblers v. Can…You…Kick It?!: Drunk Dribbles also wanted to throw down the gauntlet that they should be favored to take it all next week. Can…You…Kick It?! had a little something to say about that early in the game. They actually took the lead first but couldn’t seem to answer to Drunk Dribblers goal after goal. They ended up taking the Dub-Yah at 24-12! Great footwork by both teams though!

To round out the night’s action, Flooligans took on Spread the Cheeky: Wow-Wee……this was the best game of the season by all accounts! This game was super social with both teams laughing and having an awesome time throughout, but staying focused on the task at hand. Both teams started out really strong with two female goals right off the bat. Then the game turned very defensive with little to no goals scored for the rest of the half. Cheeky for the most part controlled the first half coming out on top because they had 3 female goals to Flooligans 1. Score at the half was 7-5. Second half Flooligans came out strong, tying up the score and taking the lead almost right away with 2 female goals. Cheeky only managed to score 3 points in the second half while Flooligans females finally got their goals to count and  turned the game around! They held on to the 17-10 lead until the final whistle blew…..taking the unexpected Dub-Yah home with the victory! Another awesome game!

Even through the wet and cold, everyone headed to Moontower’s for happy hour to tip a few back and get warmed up. The crowd was hopping and the excitement already building for next week’s showdowns! The stage is set for another fantastic playoff next week, so make sure and join us to see who hoists the coveted Championship Banner.




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