Riddle: What has Cleats, Shin Guards, Long Socks, a Ball and Artificial Turf? Indoor Soccer!!


Give me an S-O-C-C-E-R-Z-O-N-E…..what’s that spell? SoccerZone….it’s must be Tuesday night in Austin! There was definitely some nifty play on the indoor pitch tonight so let’s see how it all went down!

Expert Ball Handlers went up against Dances with Feet in one of the earlier games. Dances with Feet lived up to their name and scored goal after goal. Guys….girls….everyone was scoring! Expert Ball Handlers gave it all they had but wound up chalking this one up in the “Lost” column……7-29. Great game Dances with Feet!

Our next game saw 2 more closely matched teams…..Dribble Fo’Shizzle vs Past Justin’s Bedtime in the 8:15 game. Now this was a great match…..strategic scoring….awesome defense…lots of energy…..and 2 teams vowing to declare themselves the victors! Both teams scored when they could but the defenses were tight, not letting much through. In the end, Dribble was Fo’Shizzle in just edging out Past Justin’s Bedtime 18-14. Awesome game!

Speaking of awesome games, Past Justin’s Bedtime didn’t rest long before taking on Sir Kicks-a-Lot in the night’s closer game. This was Past Justin’s second game of the night and they were dead on their feet! Or were they…….. right away Past Justin’s scores the first goal just seconds in, just like in their first game. A few minutes later, Sir Kicks is up 6-1 and has to pull a player off. Past Justin’s then gets a couple of female goals and a male goal, tying the game 6 all and even pulling ahead 7-6. By halftime, Sir Kicks was back up 13-7. They stayed up by 5 until the waning minutes of the game. With 5 minutes left, Past Justin’s caught back up making it a 1 point game! We got ourselves a game folks!! Sir Kicks turned up the heat and led by 5 once again! With a tight defense, they held the lead to take the 23-18 Dub-Ya! Holy Cow!


After all the excitement was over, everyone headed over to Happy Hour at Moontower to compare stories and lay down bets for next week. Come see what all the fuss is about and check out ASSC at SoccerZone!


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