What do you say we all get zoned?! Soccer Zoned….that is!


What do you do when it’s Monday night…..it’s cold and drizzling outside but you want to play soccer? You head over to SoccerZone….that’s what you do! Let’s check out the action from this week:

Buffalo Theory went up against Not a Terrible Pun in their Azalea Pink jerseys in a close one! Both teams matched up nicely in this one with some great defensive strategies to get things rolling. Each team matched scoring shot for shot with Buffalo taking the early lead. Persistence was the name of the game for Not a Terrible Pun as they chipped away at Buffalo’s lead and kept it interesting. With the momentum on their side, Buffalo was able to pull ahead and close out the match 23-19 for a squeaker! Nicely played pink jerseys!

In our next matchup, Goal Trolls took on ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM ROBOTS in another close one! ROCK ‘EM took the early lead with 3 quick scores and looked like they were going to run away with it all. Goal Trolls had other plans, scoring some counter goals of their own to keep them in sight. In the end, ROCK ‘EM proved to be too much, scoring some late goals to seal the victory 21-16. Another great game!

Thund3rCougarFalconbird!! vs Liquid Football was about as close a game as you could get! Defense was the name of the game with both teams not letting much through for scores. Halftime saw both teams all knotted up at 6 apiece. Ewww-Weee…..we are in for an exciting second half! Again, great defensive schemes kept the second half scoring on the low side. With 5 minutes left in the game, Thunder was able to score a female goal to take them up by 1. Liquid Football just couldn’t answer and took the narrow defeat 11-12! What a game!

There’s no better place than Moontower to lick your wounds after the game and throw down the gauntlet for next week. If you’re still looking for some soccer next week, come join us!


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