Monday Indoor Volleyball: You’ve Been Served

We are inching our way closer to the end of this extra long season of indoor volleyball, but with each week that goes by the fun seems to grow. Week five was this past Monday. The music was bumpin’ (shout out to Leczi for the playlist), the teams were arriving early and staying late, and everybody was having a great time.

Week Five

We started off the evening with Volley Outlaws versus May The Spike Be With You on court one. May the Spike Be With You came out strong and took the lead early in the set, but Volley Outlaws fought hard to stay in the game. Both teams were playing very evenly in the first set with a lot of blocks and hard spikes from both sides of the net. Volley Outlaws came back from a 6-point deficit to win the first game, 23-21.  In the second set, Volley Outlaws carried their momentum over and had a good run early in the game, but they slowly started letting small errors affect their mental game, which caused some bickering amongst the teammates, and thus causing careless turnovers. May The Spike Be With You was consistent throughout the whole game and won, 19-21, forcing a third set. In the final set, May The Spike Be With You used the force and let it rain, easily winning 15-6. Both teams are tied with a record of 2-3. Over on court two, Block Party and Hit It & Quit It exchanged bumps and spikes in their first game of the night, but the party was over quickly as Hit It & Quit It knocked Block Party out in two sets, 21-10 and 21-15. Hit It & Quit It remains undefeated in week five, and Block Party is sitting at 2-3.


The last games of the night had Just the Tip knocking Wentwoodies out in two sets, 21-15 and 21-11, on court one, and 2 Bump Chumps playing against Trump Nation over on court two. It was a blow out match on court two, with Trump Nation sitting at the bottom of the standings and remaining the defeated team this season. It was actually a really friendly game, despite the score differential, and it’s clear that Trump Nation is out there strictly to have a good time. 2 Bump Chumps let their spikes rip quite a few times, but also reigned themselves in to give Trump Nation a chance to play. There were a couple attempts at blocking by Trump Nation, but they could never actually complete a wall! 2 Bump Chumps win 21-8, 21-13.


Next week is President’s Day, so there won’t be any games at South Austin Rec Center, but you can still wear your current ASSC league shirt to take advantage of the happy hour specials over at Craftsman! Get on over there! See y’all in two weeks!


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