Serve, Set, Spike …… Can You Dig It?


On Monday night at SARC, what sport can you use your feet, hands, arms, head, elbows and knees to keep the ball in play? VOLLEYBALL!!

Finding Score-y v. ACN Hawks: Blowout game. Finding Score had great serves and spikes all night and made it look all too easy. ACN Hawks took the loss like troopers. They’ll be back next week!!

Practice Safe Sets v. Incredibles: PSS played a man down and still took advantage of the Incredibles. They had a couple awesome saves with soccer moves but you can only use your feet instead of your hands for so long……Practice Safe Sets takes both sets. Great try!!

Spike-ahontas v. Hunchblock of Notre Dame: Pretty solid game of volleyball. Hunchback was on point with their play execution, with great passes, digs, sets, spikes, blocks, and serves. Spike-ahontas had their share of errors with too many netters and balls falling just out of bounds. Lots of action and great play with Hunchblock taking the Dub-Yah!

Hot Sets v. Single and Ready for Pringles: one of the better games of the evening. Both teams matched up skill-wise and went three rounds. First set had a lot of rallies with Single Pringles spiking the hell out of the ball, but Hot Sets was always in position for awesome digs. It was a close game, but Hot Sets took the first set. The roles reversed in the second set…literally, and HS started feeling the heat with too many turkey leftovers bogging them down. Third set was all Single Pringles who led from the beginning and never looked back…..15-5 was how it all ended. Great games!

Gourdough’s was hopping with cold brewskies and hot challenges for next time. See you next week!


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