SARC is the place to be on Mondays for some awesome indoor volleyball so let’s take a look at the rundown of how it all played out:

Block and Awe v. Big Tomorrow: Big Tomorrow had lots of heart and determination, but couldn’t seem to get on the same page against Block and Awe.  B&A dominated the match, taking both sets for the big Dub-Yah 21-13 and 21-16. Hang in there BT!

Smashers vs. Planet Volleywood: Awesome game night opener! For the first 12 possessions, Planet Volleywood seemed like they were still orbiting in outer space before coming back to earth.  They finally picked up some momentum and their rallies seemed to take on some new energy. They managed a spectacular come back to tie it up 18-18 and even took the score to 20-19. Smashers had a come back of their own and wound up taking the first set by a close one. Wow….what an opening set!

Using their first set as the warm up, VP came back looking awake and ready for revenge. The second set pretty much went point for point with the score being nothing more than a 4 point difference between the two teams! This back and forth rallying went all the way to the final whistle where VP won 25-24! We are tied at one set apiece….this is what makes ASSC so great!

With momentum on their side, VP went on a 5-0 run until Smashers took a mean spike back to show they were all business in this final set! It was Smasher’s turn to go on a 5-point run, followed by the back and forth, nail biting, point-for-point possessions. The final set went to the cap point of 17 with VP defeating Smashers 17-15! OMG, what a match!!

After it was all said and done, Doc’s was the place to relive the night’s great matches. Everyone was there, mixing and mingling with old and new teammates, competitors, allies and enemies…..all are welcome at Happy Hour!

Come join us again next week for another great night on the courts!



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