Looking To Kick Some Balls……Legally?



Tuesday night at Pan Am balls were flying…..kicks were swinging…..runs were scored……laughter and happiness abounded! It must be ASSC kickball night at Pan Am in Austin! Let’s kick off the night’s events with the rundown of how it all played out:

In the early game, Drunk and Looking to Score went up against Spark Warriors. Although there was some spark, the Warriors managed only 4 runs against Drunk’s 9 players rounding all the bases. They didn’t have to look too far to score…..they did it all night long! Nice game!

Speaking of booze, the 7:20 pairing saw Bunt Rollaz taking on Booze on First in their Irish green jerseys. When it was all over, it looked like Booze on First might have imbibed a little too early, falling 2-12 to Bunt Rollaz in a runaway. There were more than just bunts rolling their way tonight! Awesome game!

In another lopsided affair, Club Foot took a beating from The Funk Train only managed 2 runs up against their 12. Defense was the name of the game with every Funk Train playing seemingly in the right place for every Club Foot at bat. Short, medium, long, low and high…..no matter where they were, Funk Train was there. 3 up, 3 down over and over. Nice win for the Funkies!

In the final game of the night, I Feel Like a Schoolboy Again took on Kickaholics in a close one. Both teams showed up with great offense and strategic defensive schemes. The feet were hot with both teams swapping runs in the earlier innings. Schoolboy let up just enough in the late innings to allow Kickaholics a couple more runs across the plate. They took the Dub-Ya 6-4 in a close one when it was all said and done. Yes…..this is why we play the game!

Once again, Craftsman was the place to be after it was all over. With the World Series on the telly and cornhole outside, there was something for everyone after the games. What better place to share the night’s highlights…..and lowlights…..over a few cold ones!


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