Hanover’s Round Rock: Show Up Early, Stay Late! Way Late!

Week Two

It was a great week for sand volleyball over at Hanover’s in Round Rock! Lots of fun was had and the competition level in this league is outstanding…in the most social way possible! Everybody shows up early to take advantage of the Austin Sports and Social Club happy hour drink specials, and they stay late to socialize and take even more advantage of those drink prices! Keep on readin’ to see how Monday and Thursday night went down!


A Team Has No Name took on The Volleybrawlers in the night’s opener and went three rounds with them!

Coming off of a loss in their first week, A Team Has No Name really needed to win this one in order to avoid getting stuck in a losing rut.

Luckily for them, The Volleybrawlers only managed to win one set, so A Team Has No Name can put a win down for their record, 21-14, 10-21, 15-9!


There was more volleyball action for A Team Has No Name in their double header against Four Play. It seemed that the team with no name carried their momentum over from their first match win of the night into the first set against Four Play as they took the game, 21 to 15. Unfortunately, A Team Has No Name started losing steam in the second set and just couldn’t keep up with Four Play’s intensity. Four Play took the second set, 21 to 13. A Team Has No Name had their chance at redemption in the third set, but couldn’t seem to break past the 10-point barrier. Four Play used this to their advantage and took home the win, 15-10! A Team Has No Name now sits at 1-2 for the season.






DTV played Get Off My Nets in the “most amaze balls match ever” according to one player. The game went to three sets and almost every possible point was played!


The first game went back and forth with Get Off My Nets taking it, 21-17. DTV came back in the second set and fought for every point! Both teams went point for point down to wire, and DTV managed to squeak out the win, 23-21!


The last game was intense! Every point involved long rallies with both teams diving all over the court and getting nice and sandy! DTV had some outstanding pancake digs, but they weren’t enough to come out on top. Ultimately, Get Off My Nets took home the win, 17-15!


Awesome game, guys! Congratulations!


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