No Rain Means NEMP Soccer!

Week Six


The rain gave us a break this past Wednesday, and everybody was eager to hit the fields for some good old-fashioned Austin Sports and Social soccer! This past Wednesday was week six, which means playoffs are just a hop, skip, and a jump away…weather permitting, of course! Keep on reading to see how a couple of teams made out this past week to earn the “Game of the Night” title, more scores, and which teams are going to the playoffs!

Game of the Night

Wide Open and Ready vs Win & Tonic


In the first half of this epic battle, Win & Tonic dominated the field, scoring 3 male goals, leaving team Wide Open and Ready not so-ready… The first half was heavily one-sided and was looking like Win & Tonic would be handing their opponent a shut out, 3-0 at the half.


The second half, however, brought out a determined Wide Open and Ready who came back onto the field with cleats blazing! They managed to chip away at the scoreboard and got within one goal of tying up the game.


Win & Tonic, now dangerously close to losing their lead, pressed hard and managed to get a female goal in the net to give their team two more points on the board, and once again pulling their lead up by 3!


Wide Open and Ready remained close on Win & Tonic’s heals, though, and managed to score a female goal of their own. Unfortunately for them, the clock was not on their side and time expired before Wide Open and Ready could try to steal the win.  Final score:  5-4, Win and Tonic!


Who’s In the Playoffs?

The top four teams from each division gets to play for the coveted chance to hoist the Austin Sports and Social Club championship banner and to win some dinero in the form of a gift card to one of our happy hour locations. So, without further ado, here’s who made it to the playoffs:


Giddy Up (4) vs Tetzhu (1)

Son of a Pitch (3) vs Footloose (2)

Ballsagna (4) vs Train Wreck (1)

Win & Tonic (3) vs Ball and Boujee (2)


Just because you and your team didn’t make it to the playoffs doesn’t mean that the season is over for you yet! You still have one more chance to get some soccer playing in with one more game on the schedule, so make sure to show up in numbers and then come hang out with us after the games at Little Woodrow’s off Burnet for some $8 Dollar pitchers!


More Scores

Giddy Up 0 AT Bayer Neverlusen  2

Win & Tonic  5 AT Wide Open & Ready  4

Train Wreck  6 AT Let’s Get Messi 0

Footloose  3 AT Cash me outside howbow dah  7

Ball and Boujee 3 AT Game of Throw-ins  2

Ballsagna  4 AT Head Game Strong 2

Tetzhu  1 AT Son of a Pitch  7

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