“Are You Ready For Some Football?” ……… Soccer, that is!

If it’s Thursday night and you’re looking for some soccer……head out to SE Metro Park and eat from the smorgasbord of soccer games….. as far as the eye can see!

Our first entree of the night featured MOD Squad vs Queen LaFifa.

A nice tight game throughout with Queen LaFifa holding the lead for most of the game. Hope sprang when a MOD Squad forward had an open goal and took the shot. Seemingly out of nowhere, a Queen LaFifa defender made a spectacular save that left everyone in awe! Kudos came flying in from both teams…….great save! MOD Squad ended up with enough scores to take the victory at 3-0.

Our next meal of the evening saw The Claustrophobic Mimes take on I Bent My Set Piece in another thriller!

Both teams matched up nicely and it showed throughout the game. Great offense, great defense and some great shooting! The Claustropbobic Mimes took the early lead 1-0 but  I Bent My Set Piece never stopped pursuing, taking shot after shot. It finally paid off with a nice goal to tie things up 1-1. The second half picked up right where it left off…..2 teams really gunning for the W.  Mimes had a promising PK but was denied by another great save!  With 5 minutes left in the game, I Bent My Set Piece’s constant pushes and attempts finally paid off to take the win at 2-1. Wow……now that’s some soccer!

And for dessert, Spread the Cheeky took home their first win taking down the AT Pterribledactyls 4-0 to finally put a big, fat Dub-Ya in the Win Column! That’s why we play and watch the game!!

Another exciting night at SE Metro Park and another great happy hour at Docs…….come join us and get your cheeky on!





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