Ball ’til ya Fall with Softball

Week Six

It was a windy, windy week six out at Southeast Metro Park. This added a bit of a challenge to all the games for the evening, but it was nothing that our Austin Sports and Social Club players couldn’t handle. With playoffs right around the corner, all of the teams were looking for some big wins to set themselves apart from each other. This is how the night went down…


We Mustache You a Question!

Bringing out their meanest game faces, That One Team showed up with mustaches and played all night with them on. Quite the intimidating factor!


Even though they got beat down by Mother Bunters 17-2, they had the most fun of the night shotgunning beers, hanging with the other teams after their game, and cheering and rooting for everyone!


You guys may be last place in the standings, but you’re first place in our hearts! Way to keep it social, guys and gals!



“Don’t Call it a Comeback!”


The past few weeks had been a bit…ruff… for Barks and Rec trying to find their team groove, but tonight seemed to be the night that it all finally clicked for them!


Barks and Rec were down 8-9 in the final inning, and it looked like it was going to be another close loss in the books for them.


Determined to end the season with one more win under their belt, the light pink team managed to squeak out two more runs at the top of the final inning, and Sultans of Swat could not deliver when they were up to bat. Barks and Rec took home the win 10-9 and finished off the season 2-4.



“But What About Us…?”


Cool your jets, kids! Here’s the scores for the rest of you!
That One Team (ROYAL BLUE) (A) 2 AT Mother Bunters (CAROLINA BLUE) (H) 17

Bomb Squad (MAROON) (A) 16 AT The Degenerates (BLACK) (H) 12

Barks n Rec (LIGHT PINK) (A) 10 AT Sultans of Swat (SKY BLUE) (H) 9

Belmont Bombers (IRISH GREEN) (A) 0 AT Teabaggers (GOLD) (H) 13

Handsome Devils (WHITE) (A) 5 AT Goatsuckers (TEXAS ORANGE) (H) 13

Happy Hour


Slide on over to Craftsman after the games for some amaze-balls tacos and cheap, cheap booze…we’re talkin’ $2 Dollar Bud Light-type cheap!

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